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Dear Colleagues,

The page about abaqus interface is not
Could you explain how to install it
with a test (one month pass) version of Gid16 ?
I have Abaqus on a remote cluster with appropriate
I do not have it on my local laptop.

Best regards,
Eligiusz Postek
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Re: Abaqus_interface

Post by escolano »

The Abaqus interface 4.1 is installed by default with GiD 16
(can load in the Data->Problemtype->Abaqus menu)
It is also possible to download it from the GiD menu:
Data->Problemtype->Internet retrieve...

And nowadays this interface doesn't require any extra password (but GiD itself and the external Abaqus solver will require)

You can export the calculation file and calculate in the machine you want
(but is a very basic interface, with only the mesh and some regions to apply boundary conditions, probably you will need to edit it to add some calculation feature)
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