[ GiDlist ] Frecuency analisys (Analisis de frecuencia)

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Ramon Ribó Rodríguez

[ GiDlist ] Frecuency analisys (Analisis de frecuencia)

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GiD is just a pre-postprocessing system. It can deal with any type of
analysis if you have the correct calculations module.

If you are thinking on GiD+, there is not, in this moment, any program
inside this library that can perform dynamic analysis.

Best regards and merry christmas to everybody in the list!!

On Thursday 21 December 2000 12:18, you wrote:
I?m Spanish so sorry about my English.

Is it possible to do a frecuency analisys of a simple 3D structure
generated from truss and beams ????

Is it possible to obtain the frecuencies and modes of vibration of the
structure ???

Thank you very much if you answer this question.


Es posible realizar el calculo de los modos y frecuencias de vibracion,
aunque sea una estructura muy simple de 3 dimensiones formada por barras y
vigas, con GiD ???

Muchas gracias por vuestras respuestas.

Un saludo

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