mistake of data extracting in Postprocess

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mistake of data extracting in Postprocess

Post by Amors »

Hello, everyone

I am a student, from Shandong University, China, that develops the GID simulation soft. Recently, I met an issues that the data in a element can't be extracted exactly for different time step.

When the precess how the field values change with time need to be shown, the procedure, View results->Graphs->Point evolution, should be exectued. Then, the coordinates of x-, y-, and z- can be input in Command and the results are shown by Window->View graphs Window.

However, the curve line is not correct. Compared with the data in <project.name>.post.res, the data of curve line does not derived from the same element, example the first two data comes from element 2500 and next data comes from element 3700(the label of element can be found in <project.name>.post.res). Nevertheless, all the data of curve line exists in <project.name>.post.res only from different element. The following is a result from the model.

We obtain the data dbz/dt at point (910 910 0) that is related to the element 216654, shown as "test.txt". We also get the data dbz/dt at element 216654 in <project.name>.post.res. We reaggregate all the data in following (Sorry, I can not upload the model file due to file too large):

label element time dbz/dt
other element 9.9917215e-06 0.00043799999
other element 1.2699274e-05 0.00038099999
other element 1.6110887e-05 0.00031100001
other element 2.0424626e-05 0.00023999999
216654 2.5907184e-05 0.000179
216654 3.292015e-05 0.000139
216654 4.1724878e-05 0.000103
216654 5.2991571e-05 7.4199997e-05
216654 6.7176297e-05 5.26e-05
216654 8.5345149e-05 3.6199999e-05
216654 0.00010823695 2.41e-05
216654 0.00013733715 1.52e-05
216654 0.00017435937 9.0499998e-06
216654 0.00022130023 5.1400002e-06
216654 0.00028083322 2.7999999e-06
216654 0.00035624148 1.47e-06
216654 0.00045197981 7.4399998e-07
216654 0.00057346479 3.6599999e-07
216654 0.00072784687 1.75e-07
216654 0.00092350901 8.1800003e-08
216654 0.001172213 3.74e-08
216654 0.0014874367 1.68e-08
216654 0.0018872231 7.4699997e-09
216654 0.0023950529 3.26e-09
216654 0.0030390529 1.4e-09
216654 0.0038566531 5.9299998e-10
216654 0.0048940531 2.4899999e-10
216654 0.0062100529 1.04e-10
216654 0.0078802528 4.29e-11

Sincere wishes
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Re: mistake of data extracting in Postprocess

Post by escolano »

Sorry, but to understand your issue is necessary to have the .post.res (and the .msh file if it is not defined inside the .res, or better the full .gid folder)
Maybe you can prepare a smaller case, with only few steps or a coarse mesh, and then attach it in this forum
(or copy the big model to other temporary location,dropbox, etc. , and provide us a link)

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