About Mesh and normal to the elements

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Re: About Mesh and normal to the elements

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If you want to write custom information, you should use some of the commands that allow do it.
as you said
1) a .bas template (but template features are also very limited to few commands)
2) a .tcl scripting (asking information to GiD and doing what you want with this data without restrictions)
e.g can ask data of GiD mesh with GiD-Tcl commands like

set element_normal [GiD_Mesh get element $element_id normal]
set triangle_ids [GiD_Mesh list -element_type {triangle} element]

In practice only mean to add to your problemtype another file with few lines of code.
e.g. a normals.bas of about 4 lines of .bas commands like this

*set elems(triangle)
*loop elems
*ElemsNum *ElemsNormal
*end elems

Do you have two solutions, but you don't want to use these solution, I don't understand it.
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