How to create 3d geometry for penetration problem ?

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How to create 3d geometry for penetration problem ?

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Dear sir,

I wish to model penetration of 2 inclusions in soil. The sub soil is divided into 2 layers (18m and 3m). Above the ground surface are 2 inclusions. The diameter of inclusion is 0.4 m, length is 18m, tip is 60 degree cone shape, 1.05m apart. The tip of the cone is coincide with the group surface. Top of the domain is 1 m above top of inclusion, ie 19m - 18m. I wish to know how to model this in GiD ? I am worry about the coincidence or intersection of the tip of the cone to the ground surface. How to model this ? Please help.

I have created the 3d geometry in Midas GTS nx. I exported to parasolid but GiD said older version is required. Any chance of importing the newer version of parasolid file ?

Thank you.


parasolid old version.jpg
parasolid old version.jpg (23.05 KiB) Viewed 27 times
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front view.jpg
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Re: How to create 3d geometry for penetration problem ?

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Please, attach the Parasolid file with the model,
and also find inside the Midas GTS nx folders if there is a file named like
(or something similar *_34001* )
This file is the schema the describes the data in the Parasolid format of this version,
to try to identify the changes vs previous versions and be able to be read in next GiDs

In any case the geometry of your picture seems simple to be created directly in GiD, a couple of lines revolved to create the inclusion, and a box holed with this volume.
You can follow some tutorials of the 'GiD user manual' to start leaning. ... M/overview
(Html help is also installed with GiD)
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