Rotate->Isometric Z

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Rotate->Isometric Z

Post by Hemmi »

Hi there,

I'm getting an error when trying to mouse-left-click and then select Rotate->Isometric Z, I get the figure that the y-axis is pointing up. Is this a bug?

My system is as follows:
GiD x64 16.1.6d
Windows11 Pro
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Re: Rotate->Isometric Z

Post by escolano »

Yes, this is a small bug of this developer version
we have done a several changes related with the rotations of views in last developer version:
- It change the view with a progressive animation
- the axis drawn in the lower-left corner are mouse-sensitive are highlighted when passing the mouse over them, and clicking an axis it set the view orthogonal to this axis.

The bug of Rotate->Isometric Z happen only in the contextual menu, the rest of menus are ok
It is fixed for next versions.

If you want can also fix your GiD 16.1,6d version editing the file<GiD\scripts\GrDataMenus.tcl, line 909
and replacing
{-np- GidRotateView::IsometricX} {-np- GidRotateView::IsometricY} {-np- GidRotateView::IsometricY}
{-np- GidRotateView::IsometricX} {-np- GidRotateView::IsometricY} {-np- GidRotateView::IsometricZ}
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