How to view double nodes of contact?

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How to view double nodes of contact?

Post by Hemmi »

When I generate a contact, I can see from the GiD drawing that the geometry contains double points and lines, but I cannot see that the nodes are double when the mesh drawing is selected. Is there a way to see this on the sheet?
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Re: How to view double nodes of contact?

Post by escolano »

Your nodes are really preserving the geometry topology, they are duplicated.
you can check for example listing them,
or drawing higherenties of mesh edges: View->Higherentities->Edges (in mesh view)
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The problem is probably a secondary effect of the rendering of the font 'smoothed' for the text of your labels
Utilities->Preferences->Fonts - Render mode = "sharp edges" of some kind of "smooth edges"

With 'smooth edges' the text looks better, more anti-aliased, etc. but as drawback labels on the same location are hiding ones to others, then I prefer to set 'sharp edges', it looks a little worst but its 'transparency' provide an important information of duplicated entities.

Compare this examples with 'sharp edges' vs 'Smoother edges 2" (labels font size set too big to 30)
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