moment of inertia

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moment of inertia

Post by Sadegh »

Is it possible to see the moment of inertia of a surface in Tdyn? If yes, how?
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Re: moment of inertia

Post by escolano »

What do you mean by the 'moment of inertia of a surface'?
Do you mean the moment of inertia of a 2D surface related to an axis?
(e.g. I-xx, I-yy. I-xy of the section of a beam)
the CompassFEM-Tdyn problemtype has a catalog of sections with its geometrical properties: dimensions, area, and moments of inertia (instead of tdyn select 'structural analysis'
compassfem_sections_library.png (98.1 KiB) Viewed 954 times
GiD has also a Tcl-command to calculate the inertia properties of a geometry volume

GiD_Tools geometry mass_properties <volume_id> ... 6/Geometry
e.g. can write this in the commands entry of GiD to see the inertias of the volume number 1:
-np- W [GiD_Tools geometry mass_properties 1]

or similarly of a mesh of volume (defined by its tetrahedra or by its closed boundary triangles)

GiD_Tools mesh mass_properties <tetrahedra_ids> | -boundary_elements <triangle_ids> ... 47017/Mesh
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