Issues with Abaqus/StarCCM co-simulation

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Issues with Abaqus/StarCCM co-simulation

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I am trying to simulate a wind turbine blade, looking at the deformations of the blade, and how that impacts upon the aerodynamic performance with the StarCCM / Abaqus co-simulation engine. I keep getting the following error: "Can't map traction to X number of cells" and therefore keeps the load applied to 0. For some reason, the X corresponds to the number of elements I have on my Abaqus model. The element type is valid for the co-simulation, and I am using shell elements.

I have tried everything I can think of (remeshing, assigning and re-assigning conditions, checking co-simulation settings in the Abaqus input file) and I am at a complete loss with what to do next.

I know my Abaqus input deck is correct by itself as I have ran a modal analysis and have performed a simple stress analysis on the blade like a cantilever beam.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Issues with Abaqus/StarCCM co-simulation

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Sorry, but it seems that this question is an Abaqus error message.
It is not related to GiD at all, then this is not the appropriated forum to be asked.
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