display and hiding of layers

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display and hiding of layers

Post by XDLiu »

I have some questions about the display and hiding of layers. When the whole is composed of different sections and these sections are created by different layers, I want to see both the whole and the running result of one of the sections. But I found the following questions:
1. After the overall operation is over, why can't I see the result of one of the sections by turning off other layers?
2. When a section is finished running, turn off and freeze this layer, and then create a second section and run to the end. I only see the result of the second section, why can’t the result of the first section be displayed?
Looking forward to your reply .
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Re: display and hiding of layers

Post by miguel »

Hello XDLiu,
sorry but couldn't understand your questions.
By 'running' i understand 'calculation', is that right?
After calculation is finished you should go to 'Files --> Postprocess'. When changing to postprocess the results usually are read automatically. If not, you can read them with 'Files --> Open '

You should be able to see the results by selecting 'Contour fill' or any other result visualization options. Both of the whole mesh or switching set on and off. (Layers in pre are called sets in post).

Can you explain your problem with a small example and some images?

Which version of GiD are you using?


The GiD Team
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